ICML Discussion

Another quick note, this time about the ICML Discussion site I have updated for ICML 2009 in Montréal, Canada.

Thanks to this year’s organisers, I was given a list of authors and papers for ICML 2009 and was able to add them to the base I set up last year for ICML 2008. I’ve made separate indices for this year’s and last year’s papers but have bundled all the authors across the two years in together.

The statistics I have kept for the site since I started it show that there has been a boost of interest since I’ve added the new papers. I’m hoping that will result in a flurry of comments during the conference as people attend talks and posters. Keep in mind that if you are commenting on a paper you can use LaTeX to get your point across.

Unfortunately, there is no notification system in place for the discussion site at the moment so I encourage authors with papers accepted to this year’s conference to check the front page of the site regularly to see if anyone has asked a question about their paper.

If there is any questions or suggestions about the site you can leave me some feedback either here or in the feedback section of the site itself.

Enjoy the conference and the discussion site. See you in Montréal!

Mark Reid June 11, 2009 Canberra, Australia
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