MetaOptimize Q+A

This is just a quick post to point any readers who have not heard of it already to the newly deployed MetaOptimize Q+A—a question and answer site for machine learning, NLP, data mining, AI and related topics that describes itself as: > A community of data geeks interested in machine learning, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, text analysis, information retrieval, search, data mining, statistical modeling, and data visualization, as well as adjacent topics.

I’ve had good experiences with related sites such as StackOverflow and particularly MathOverflow. So far I’ve only had a chance to sign up and quickly look around MetaOptimize but from what I’ve seen the users seem sharp, the questions on-topic, and the answers informative.

This is a great addition to the burgeoning online machine learning community and Joseph Turian ([@turian]( has done a great job at setting the tone of the site as well as encouraging a number of solid researchers and practitioners to join before publicising it too widely.

I’m really looking forward to participating more once I’m back from holidays.

Mark Reid July 3, 2010 Sydney, Australia
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