ML and Stats People on Twitter

I started using the social, “micro-blogging” service Twitter in February this year simply because I had been seeing so much commentary about it — both good and bad. Since then, I’ve posted 800+ updates, amassed over 100 followers and follow nearly that many myself.

What has surprised me about Twitter is how many people I have found on there who are active, or at least interested, in machine learning and statistics. The day-to-day discussions, questions, advice and pointers I’ve got via Twitter have been illuminating and fun.

In an effort to get to know some of these people a bit better I followed the links they provided in their respective profiles to see what they had to say about themselves. The descriptions below are based only on those links as I don’t find Google-stalking very friendly.

So, in no particular order, here they are:


Tim Danford — @arthegall

A computer science Ph.D. student at MIT

Mark James Adams — @mja

I am a student of quantitative genetics and a temperamental psychologist

Dave Warde-Farley — @dwf

Computer science Masters student at Toronto working in machine learning

Amir massoud Farahmand — @SoloGen

Ph.D. student looking at manifold learning (amongst other things) at the University of Alberta. Runs the blog thesilog.

Markus Weimer — @markusweimer

Graduate student working on “applications of machine learning to eLearning”. Also runs a blog.

Ryan Rosario — @DataJunkie

Statistics and computer science graduate student.

A.M. Santos — @ansate

Maths and statistics graduate student.

Neal Richter — @nealrichter

Working on ‘Theory of Genetic Algorithms’. Also runs the blog aicoder

Paul Rodrigues — @paulrodrigues

Ph.D student of Computational Linguistics at Indiana University

Sérgio Nunes — @ssn

PhD student in web information retrieval at the University of Porto

Paul Ogilvie — @pogil

Graduate student at CMU and principal scientist at mSpoke


Brendan O’Connor — @brendan642

Research assistant in NLP at Stanford and consultant at Dolores Labs

Daniel Tunkelang — @dtunkelang

Chief scientist at the information retrieval company Endeca and owner of the blog The Noisy Channel

Jason Adams — @ealdent

Computational linguist work on sentiment analysis. Runs the blog The Mendicant Bug

Mikio Braun — @mikiobraun

Post-doc at Technische Universität Berlin and a machine learning blogger at Marginally Interesting

Daniel Lemire — @lemire

Professor of computer science at the University of Quebec at Montreal and blogger

Jason H. Moore — @moorejh

Professor of Genetics, Director of Bioinformatics at Dartmouth Medical School. Works on the Multi-factor Dimensionality Reduction software MDR and blogs at Epistasis

Pete Skomoroch — @peteskomoroch

Director of analytics at Juice Analytics and Data Wrangling blogger

Alex Smola — @smolix

Principal Researcher at Yahoo! Research and ex-colleague of mine at NICTA and the ANU a.k.a. “Mr. Kernel”

John D. Cook — @johndcook

Statistician (amongst other things) that runs the blog The Endeavour

Jason Morton — @jasonmorton

Post-doc at Stanford researching the geometry of statistical models and algorithms in statistical learning theory

Abdur Chowdhury — @abdur

Chief scientist at Twitter and researcher in sentiment analysis and information retrieval

If you are not on this list but think you should be, leave a comment below and I’ll update this list. Conversely, if I’ve put you on this list and you don’t wish to be associated with these sorts of people, leave a comment or send me an email and I’ll remove you.

Of course, feel free to follow me if you’d like to keep up with what I’m doing.


Mark Reid January 16, 2009 Canberra, Australia
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