ML Discuss for ICML 2011

ICML 2011 is just around the corner so, with the help of some of the conference organisers, I recently updated the ML Discuss site I set up last year1 to allow everyone to comment on accepted papers at ICML 2011.

If you are an author of a paper in ICML 2011, I urge you to find your papers and subscribe to their comment feeds via email or RSS. Instructions can be found on the main page. Of course, you can also subscribe to comments for papers you are interested in even if you are not an author.

Last year at ICML 2010 most of the online discussion happened during the conference itself. I expect that will also be the case this year but I would encourage people—even those, like me, who are not attending ICML 2011—to start commenting now. If you are after somewhere to start I would recommend checking out the Best and Distinguished Papers:

Looking ahead, I spent some time making sure the current version of ML Discuss can handle multiple conferences and separately track the top and recent comments for each. If you are a conference organiser for another machine learning-related conference and would like to have it discussed at ML Discuss, drop me an and let me know. All that I require is a text file containing all the accepted papers, along with their authors and abstracts.

Happy commenting!

  1. I’ve been running ICML discussion sites since 2008 but built a custom system for ICML 2010. I hope to port the older discussion sites to the new system when I find some time.

Mark Reid June 20, 2011 Canberra, Australia
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