Moved Domain

Just a quick administrative post noting that I’ve moved inductio ex machina to a new domain and to a new — and simpler — blogging engine.

From now on, this blog will be located at and its Atom feed is available from

If you wish to keep following my posts, please update your feed reader to reflect these changes. The feed located at the old domain will no longer be updated.

The main reason for the move is that I want to consolidate my online presence under the banner. As inductio ex machina is my main outlet I thought I’d move it first.

I’ve also switched engines to Jekyll to lower the barrier to writing posts. Now, instead of going to my Wordpress installation and typing into a textarea, I can edit my posts in TextMate and keep version history at GitHub.

The switch will probably mean this site is not as full-featured as the old, Wordpress driven one but, on the upside, it also means that I’ll focus on writing rather than plugins and templates.

Welcome to the new site!

Mark Reid January 20, 2009 Canberra, Australia
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