Predictive APIs and Apps Conference

I’m very happy to be involved with this year’s Predictive APIs and Apps conference, which is held in Sydney this year. We’ve got a great line up of speakers on a wide range of topics, including what look to be two very interesting keynotes:

There are also a number of talks and tutorials by researchers and practitioners from Google, Microsoft, Big ML, NVIDIA, Upwork, Telefonica, and many others. For more details, please check out the conference schedule.

I’ll be part of a panel discussion on research challenges surrounding predictive APIs and applications with Poul Petersen, the Chief Infrastructure Officer at Big ML, and Misha Bilenko, the leader of the Algorithms team at Microsoft Azure Machine Learning.

I expect we will talk about challenges around managing privacy, large data sets, transparency, and interoperability of various systems, as well as some of the other issues that Beua Cronin raised last year in his post on challenges facing predictive APIs.

If you have any specific questions or topics you’d like us to discussion, please leave them in the comments below and I’ll see whether I can work them into the discussion and reort back.

To kick things off, there will be a huge Big Data Analytics Meetup tonight with over 350 registered attendees. Four of the speakers from the PAPIs conference representing and talking about the predictive API offerings from Google, Microsoft, Big ML, and Amazon.

The PAPIs conference starts tomorrow (August, 6th), and if any of the above look interesting it is still possible to register for tickets.

Hope to see you there!

Mark Reid August 5, 2015 Sydney, Australia
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