Matriarch Global Settings Editor

This is a settings editor for the Moog Matriarch synthesizer. It uses the SysEx messages introduced in the v1.2.0 firmware update to read/write the settings. Please refer to the Moog Matriarch v1.2.0 Firmware Notes PDF for more details. The source code is available on GitHub along with more details. It is made available with no warranty or guarantees, and is in no way affiliated with Moog Music. Use at your own risk!.

For this editor to work, your browser will need to support the Web MIDI API and permissions will need to be correctly.

When this page is loaded, the MIDI API will look for any MIDI In/Out devices with the word "Matriarch" in their name and connect to the first of these that is found. Once connected, the global settings are scanned. Each of the 74 settings in the table below will switch from a grey to white background if a value is successfully read from the connected Matriarch.

Use the selection boxes or sliders to select a new value from the list. The factory defaults are indicated with the text "(Default)", along with any explanatory notes. When a new value is selected it is immediate sent to the Matriarch. The row for the setting will turn grey and then white again indicated that the value was successfully updated.

There are a number of parameters that de-facto resets to another default value than the officially documented default value. They are marked in the list (this was found with firmware 1.2.3).

This editor was developed over a weekend by Mark Reid. If you like it, please check out some of the music he has made using the Matriarch on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and SoundCloud.


(If the "Connot find Matriarch!" error persists, access this page via https (not http), i.e., go to

Parameter ID Parameter Name Values