Musical Dabblings Me, Ada, and a Guitar

I’ve been messing around making music for years in one form or another. This is a selection of tracks that I think turned out ok.

You can find more of my tracks on my Soundcloud account.

A kind of dubby techno piece, again using only sounds from my MicroBrute plus arrangement and production in Ableton Live. I was particularly impressed by the quality of the drum sounds this little synth can make. (2015)

This is the first piece I wrote when I got my hands on the fantastic MicroBrute analog synth. The only sounds here are the MicroBrute and the Magnetic delay effect. (2014)

My remix of Nils Frahm’s beautifully spare piano piece that I did as part of his SCREWS reworked project. (2014)

This one started as a slow chord progression that lent itself to having a dubby atmosphere piled on. (2013)

One moment I’m playing around with sidechain compression, the next thing I know I’ve put together a four-on-floor dance track! (2013)

Another remix, this time for my good friends The Neo. They were lovely enough to include my version as an extra on their Seretonin album. (2003)

This older remix of FourPlay’s Lilli Pilli Drive is all over the place: an ambient beginning, a segue into some drum & bass, and down-tempo ending. I had a lot of fun chopping and rearranging Lara’s vocals. (2001)