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30 Aug 13

What does the “OSS” in MLOSS mean? View Comments

A summary of a recent discussion between the JMLR Machine Learning Open Source Software (MLOSS) Action Editors about what “open” means.

4 Jun 13

Meet the Bregman Divergences View Comments

An introduction to and survey of some interesting results about Bregman divergences.

14 May 13

Bayesian Updating as Regularised Optimisation View Comments

A brief description and discussion of Zhu et al.'s RegBayes framework for generalising Bayesian updating.

16 Apr 13

Machine Learning Research Jobs at NICTA View Comments

Spreading the word about a number of machine learning research jobs at NICTA.

26 Mar 13

Switching from Jekyll to Hakyll View Comments

A brief operational note on how and why I shifted my site and this blog from Jekyll to Hakyll.

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