Code Mark Reid in the Matrix

This page will contain links to some of the research and non-research related programming I’ve done. My GitHub profile has more of my code-related activities.

Matriarch Editor

Moog Matriarch Global Editor
This was a quick weekend's hack to allow the Moog Matriarch synth's global settings to be conveniently edited through a web page rather than the obscure key combinations that are otherwise required.

ML as a Service

The PSI Project
James Montogomery’s implementation of the PSI specification I co-wrote for presenting machine learning resources (e.g., learning algorithms, predictors, data sets) as RESTful web services. This was work done as part of the Protocols and Structures for Inference ARC Linkage project with Canon Information Systems Research Australia (CISRA).


Mutli-armed Bandits
This JavaScript demo allows you to configure and run a multi-armed bandit game and plot the resulting rewards for a variety of agents.


Feed Bag
This is a simple ruby script that parses and normalises RSS feeds, storing the resulting entries in an SQL database.

Other Hacking

Decision Trees in Haskell

A very basic implementation of decision tree learning in Haskell. It makes of monoids for efficient aggreation and evaluation of splits.

Plain Text Wiki

I extended Matt Webb’s original Plain Text Wiki with a few modifications of my own. I use it to manage the content on this site.


I have contributed some minor improvements (Maruku markup, categories, permalink options) to the static blog engine Jekyll which, I used to use to run this site.

I was one of the contributors to the Instiki codebase. I helped streamline and extend the parser that handles the wiki markup.